Wi-Fi Enabled. Full 360° Protection.

Escort MAX 360C

The ESCORT MAX 360c is the first driver alert system designed specifically for connected cars. Automatically connect to the ESCORT Live app for live shared alerts from a community of over 3.5 million drivers—no smartphone required.

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The Next Stage in Smart Driving


The ESCORT MAX 3 levels up your driving game as the next evolution in connected driver alert systems. Be prepared and more informed for anything on the road ahead with premium range and advanced filtering.

True 360° protection


The ESCORT MAX360 provides full 360° protection against all potential ticket threats. The forward and rear facing dual antenna system provides pinpoint precision to accurately indicate the direction of the threat.

Connected Radar / Laser Detector


The iXc delivers Wi-Fi connectivity for Over-The-Air software updates and alerts via the Escort driving community. Impressively engineered with advanced range and accuracy, the iXc will make you a smarter and safer driver.

Intelligent Radar / Laser Detector

PASSPORT 9500ix Red

The PASSPORT 9500ix Red radar detector provides all the information you need to stay alert and drive smarter. View radar band, signal strength, and vehicle speed right on screen during each alert to make the best possible decision.

Drive Smarter

AutoLearn Technology

Intelligent GPS-based technology learns your route and rejects false alerts.

Defender Database

Get a bird’s eye view with red light and speed camera alerts in advance.

Defends At Long Ranges

Excellent Radar / Laser Detection Range


Provides Crowd Sourced Alerts Through Bluetooth Connectivity

Connected Car Compatible

Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) connectivity allows for instant crowd sourced alerts and software updates.

IVT Filtering

In-Vehicle Filtering Technology reduces false alerts for maximum precision.


Real-time alerts from a community of over 3 million drivers.